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    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Rethink

    About Us


    Whale Bins

    Re-think, Re-use, Recycle

    Whale Bins began operations as a husband/wife business in 2000, with a single truck and 28 bins.

    The combined businesses have grown to employ over twenty people. Whale Bins has competent, experienced staff who operate the business and equipment and has distinguished itself in the market by providing a superior service to customers, utilising modern, well maintained equipment that performs its functions efficiently and effectively.

    Whale Bins’ organisational values define our behaviour and are the foundation of employee attitudes, motivations and expectations. At Whale Bins, we are committed to creating a highly engaged and achievement-oriented workforce where our vision, values and customer focus drive everything we do. Our values set the direction with regard to behavioural expectations of staff and are pivotal to achieving our continued growth and development.

    Whale Bins

    • Act with integrity and honesty
    • Work together to achieve success
    • Accountability and ownership for actions in the workplace
    • Commitment to delivering excellence and consistently high service internally and externally
    • Make decisions and work with the best interest of the organisation in mind


    Whale Bins offers its staff and customers a sustainable and inclusive environment founded on innovation, flexibility and family values. This unique combination is the basis of our continued growth and development into the 21st century.

    Whale Bins has built a solid business, making it the largest skip contractor on the Sunshine Coast, with most waste coming from commercial and industrial building sites, and a smaller amount from residential construction and renovation projects.