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Hook Bins

We offer a large range of hook bins for various uses at competitive rates. Whether you need hook bins for a building site or household clean up, our team is happy to offer advice on the best bin to suit your requirements. Hook bins are suitable for larger areas.

The below size suggestions are an indication only. Volumes may vary depending on waste materials.

Hook Bins Sizes & Types Available

Approx. Equivalents
Bin Capacity Length Width Height # Wheelie Bins # Trailer Loads Approx. Size


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3.20 1.5 1.6 30 10 Book Now


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3.40 1.6 1.7 36 14 Book Now


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3.50 1.8 1.8 38 16 Book Now


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5.6 1.75 1.25 24 Book Now


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6.1 2.5 1 28 Book Now


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6.00 2.5 1.5 32 Book Now

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