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    How do I book a bin?
    You can call our friendly operations team on (07) 5445 6355 or complete the "Online quote calculator” on our website and a member of our team will call you back at the earliest possible convenience.
    How much will it cost?
    Prices are based on bin size and location of service.  To obtain a price for your area and needs please visit our interactive price calculator.
    How do I pay?
    We accept various forms of payment: Cash, cheque, EFT and credit card.  Please note payment is required at time of service. An account can be arranged for ongoing commercial customers; contact our staff at (07) 5445 6355 to request a credit application form.
    How long does it take for the bin to arrive?
    We pride ourselves on great customer service and will always strive to meet your needs and requests.  Same-day service can typically be organised if your request is made early in the day.
    How long am I able to keep the bin?
    Cost of the bin includes hire for up to seven days.  Collection can be made earlier if service is no longer needed.
    How much waste can I put in the bin?
    You can fill the bin evenly to the square top of the bin.  It is very important not to overload the bin as this is a safety issue when covering and transporting the bin. We suggest you pack your waste in the bin with no spaces between your waste materials to maximise the available space. Break large pieces into smaller pieces, cut tree branches into smaller branches and flatten boxes for best results. Please phone us on (07) 5445 6355 and our staff will be able to assist you in recommending an accurate size bin appropriate for your needs.
    What can’t I put in the bin?
    Please note that you cannot place the following items in any Whale Bin of any size:
    • Organic waste (organic matter that may decay)
    • Toxic, chemical or medicinal waste
    • Wet paint
    • Asbestos
    Additional charges may apply if you are found to have placed these items in your bin.
    What waste costs extra when put in a bin?
    There are some items that incur additional disposal costs, which are added to the bin hire.  These items include:
    • Tyres
    • Posi-tracks
    • Mattresses
    Where will the bin be placed?
    The bin will be placed within your property boundary, following your directions.
    Can I move the bin?
    No.  For safety reasons, our bins must only be moved by a Whale Bins employee. The bin must remain where it is placed upon delivery and be accessible to the truck for collection. If you require your bin to be moved after delivery, please contact a member of our operations team on (07) 5445 6355 to arrange this.  Please note an additional call out fee may be incurred.